Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Most people believe speed is something your born with; that you’re genetically inclined to be fast. But it has little to do with that – it’s a science. You can train your body to produce more force and the way you deliver force to the ground. And once that happens, it will completely change your perception of how fast or explosive you ever thought you could be.


A passion for the science behind speed and performance. A belief in the value behind mutual respect and community service. Our pioneering founder and President Ryan Flaherty’s unwavering commitments to both have defined his career. They’re commitments evident in the dramatic improvements of his athletes. And they’re perhaps most evident in the personal friendships he has formed, the careers he has inspired, and the youth he has mentored. It should be no surprise that Prolific Athletes reflects these commitments. After all, we’re the result of Ryan’s vision and virtue.

As dubbed by Sports Illustrated, Ryan is “one of the nation’s premier speed coaches”. M.S., C.S.C.S., USATF Level 2 he has trained over 150 NFL athletes including NFL All Pros, NFL Rookies of the Year, a Heisman Trophy winner and many notable NCAA All-Americans. In 2013 alone, Ryan’s NFL combine athletes had the fastest 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle times in the country in 3 different position categories: quarterback, offensive lineman and linebackers. Matt Scott of Arizona set the all-time NFL combine record for quarterbacks with a 3.99 shuttle as well as finished in the top 5 of every other category. Ryan’s unique ability to drastically increase the speed of his athletes is the result of his unrelenting pursuit of research and science in the field of human performance combined with a very comprehensive understanding of improving sprint mechanics.

Prior to starting Prolific Athletes, Ryan worked under Doug Hix, as Director of sports performance for Play Fast Athletics where he directed NFL combine and NFL off-season training. And while Ryan has received countless accolades and professional notoriety, he’s just as well known for the kind of person he is – humble, caring and committed. This rings especially true when walking through the doors at Prolific Athletes and experiencing a unique environment that brings people together and celebrates successes on and off the field.


Some athletes view training as a necessary evil but if you can get them to start wanting to come back everyday and they start seeing results they’ve never seen before, all of a sudden it becomes a full experience and that’s when we can take them to the next level.


To Greg Vandermade effective leadership means balancing true self-confidence and genuine humility. We couldn’t agree more. It’s something Greg does every day at Prolific Athletes, where he inspires with his actions, challenges with his expectations, and motivates with his passion.

Greg comes to Prolific Athletes after serving as Head Strength Coach at Cal State Fullerton. During his time at Fullerton, his teams saw remarkable success, including reaching the College World Series twice. Currently, eight of his former baseball players are playing on active rosters in the Major Leagues.

M.S., C.S.C.S. certified, Greg takes pride in his ability to dramatically increase performance while reducing the risk of injuries for our athletes. He’s been instrumental in helping Prolific Athletes unify around the promise of delivering speed, agility and longevity to those we train, maximizing their time on the field, doing what they love.

After a notable college football career culminating in an Iron Man Award and Offensive Line MVP his senior year, Greg graduated an Academic All-American from Utah State University. His collegiate success led him to the University of Tulsa where he became the top football assistant and Head Strength Coach for 11 of the schools’ sports teams. While at Tulsa, Greg brought home 14 Conference USA championships, including three football conference championships and bowl appearances, all while earning a Masters of Science in Human Movement.

And although Greg means business when it comes to helping athletes achieve their goals, he does it in a way that makes training enjoyable. His love for what he does is contagious and his results speak for themselves.


Everyone receives equal respect and focus here – from our kids to our pros. This place is our legacy but it’s the relationships we build and opportunities we create with our athletes that will see it through into the future.

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Dan Alexander, one of Prolific Athletes’ founders, sees amazing things in our future. And why not? Under his creative leadership, we’ve gone from concept to completion on a state-of-the-art training facility in under 18 months. His personal devotion for building the Prolific Athletes brand has resulted in an explosion of interest from the training community in San Diego and across the county. But even more importantly, Dan believes the things that make Prolific Athletes special – namely our dedication to our athletes on and off the field– is the very thing that will drive our future success.

And while Dan has been applauded for having the business brain that rivals his partner Ryan’s formidable athletic expertise, Dan is always proudest of simply being part of a place that succeeds by helping others do the same. Like he says, “I want people to feel comfortable and uncomfortable. I want them to step outside their comfort zones so they can grow while being supported and mentored for positive change.”